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Make a lasting impression before you even say a word. Design plays an immensely important role in communicating your brand and services to the world. In fact, with only 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of web users prefer to read something beautifully designed than not (Source: Adobe). This is why I aim for all my work to be inspired, impactful and digestible.

While hiring a professional can be intimidating, know that it is one of the most crucial investments you can make in your business, and will surely pay off. Take after our photoshoot and website build, Itsa Pizza Truck saw more than a 650% increase in bookings in less than a year! This essential marketing investment more than paid for itself in just one month. Your website (and its design / content / functionality) will bring you more potential customers and clients than any other tool in your kit.

Whether your business is established or just starting out, needing a website or just looking to focus on smaller marketing projects like print collateral or Facebook ad campaigns, I'd love to help your brand come to life in new ways! 



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Fewer things are more important nowadays than a beautiful, professional, easy-to-navigate website. Everyone needs a site they'll feel confident sending clients to. I specialize in building SEO-rich, wonderfully organized websites that drive traffic and help brands stand out. And with over 6 years' experience migrating, designing and managing websites (including e-commerce stores) on Shopify and SquareSpace, I can build you a beautiful online store and teach you how to best manage it. Your success is my mission.



INVESTMENT: $500 (split into two payments of $250)

A beautifully designed non-scrolling single page site with a custom URL hosted on SquareSpace. This might be a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page, or a simple site that showcases your resume, a slideshow of images, or creates a powerful introduction for your already-existing SquareSpace site.



INVESTMENT: $800 (split into three payments of $400, $200 and $200)

A strategically and tastefully designed landing page dedicated to a particular action you want visitors to take. This could lead people to buy a product, subscribe to a mailing list, download an eBook, start a free trial, RSVP to an event, use a coupon, or view a video. Also know as lead capture or destination pages, they help you generate leads and convert customers, and are a great option for businesses with or without an existing website.



INVESTMENT: $2200 (split into three payments of $1000, $600 and $600)

An affordable, responsive website design perfect for small businesses and professionals who want to create a simple yet sophisticated online brand presence. This package includes:


Responsive design is when the content and layout of your website automatically responds or adapts to the screen it’s being viewed on. This means your website will look beautiful and be easy to navigate on any device, whether a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. With the upward trend of internet browsers going mobile, this has never been more important! Plus search engines like Google favor responsive sites over non-responsive ones, greatly improving your site’s ranking in online searches / SEO.


I understand the incredible importance and value of building websites that my clients find easy to manage after they are published. Custom-coded sites require expensive developers to edit even the smallest of details and can slow down your load time, in turn hurting your site’s search engine ranking and turning off potential customers. One of my main goals when building a website is to simplify its future management as much as possible for my clients, and SquareSpace allows for just that. With new features continuously being developed and award-winning customer support, I consider it hands down the best content management system for non-commerce sites and small online stores. (For e-commerce sites that require a complex order management system or have more than 50 products I recommend Shopify.) It also includes free SSL certificates, making your site more secure and improving its search engine ranking. Plus SquareSpace features powerful built-in website metrics that allow you to track site visits, traffic sources, popular content, mobile usage, site search queries and much more.

*Please note: hosting fees are a separate, recurring annual charge from SquareSpace. As of December 2017, the simplest SquareSpace plan, when paid monthly at $16, has an annual cost of $192. As a SquareSpace Circle Member, all of my clients are eligible for a 20% discount on their first year when paid up front plus one free custom domain for a year.


A well-designed homepage is crucial for every website as it not only draws clients in and helps them easily navigate your offerings, but it’s likely to be the most frequently viewed page on your website. Three inside pages are included to offer your clients more information, better organize your content, and capture leads. Examples of inside pages are About, Contact, Services, FAQ, Portfolio, and Testimonials, but vary for every website and can be whatever you dream up! *As many additional pages as needed may be added at my standard rate of $60/hr.


I will add any content you provide, including photos and copy, in an organized, compelling layout.


Incorporating beautiful, compelling imagery on your website is so very important. Incorporating beautiful, compelling images that load quickly is even more important! I will optimize your images for web, drastically reducing the file size of each image without any loss in quality. The ultimate goal here is to reduce the number of site visitors jumping ship because of long load times. Image optimization can potentially reduce your total page load size by up to 80%. I always share a folder of every image I optimize in Dropbox with my clients so that they may easily use them for future web-based marketing projects and social media.


While beautiful, professional website design is incredibly important, it’s only part of the equation. Your copywriting drives traffic to your website, speaks volumes to your credibility, and converts prospects into clients. I edit as I go, always keeping an eye out for misspellings, incorrect grammar and general readability. *SEO-driven content editing to help improve your search engine ranking may be added at my standard hourly rate.


Compelling, high resolution photographs are a crucial component for any brand, and especially its website. I will include one photo gallery with no limit on the number of photos you may include, optimizing every one for web as I go. The gallery can either be an entire dedicated page, or a smaller content area featuring your images as a grid or rotating carousel. *As many additional photo galleries as needed may be added to other pages at my standard rate of $60/hr. I also offer photography services (please see Additional Services below).


It’s important for clients to feel they can reach you easily. One strategically placed contact form will be included to facilitate the process and help you gain more leads than you would otherwise. 


Blog posts can position your brand as an industry leader, develop stronger customer relations, and improve your site’s SEO. I will format a blog page that you can easily manage on your own to keep content fresh and engaging. This page is offered in addition to the 5 inside pages mentioned above. *I can also add, edit and develop blog content at my standard hourly rate.


If you don’t already own a custom domain I will help you secure one. *Please note: domain registration fees are a separate, recurring annual charge from a third party like Google Domains, SquareSpace or GoDaddy, and start at $12 for the year, but can vary depending on the URL. As a SquareSpace Circle Member, my clients are eligible for one free custom domain for their first year when paying for SquareSpace’s annual billing plan up front.


I will link your social media profiles to your website so clients can easily find you on their favorite platforms.


Have you ever been frustrated by how long it took you to find a phone number or email address on a website? That won’t be the case with yours! A customized footer will host your contact information, social media buttons, and links to your most important pages. We could even include your Instagram feed if you'd like and/or a newsletter sign up form.


We will schedule an hour long basic training on navigating the back-end of the platform and editing your site’s content. *Longer and/or additional training sessions are available at my standard hourly rate.



INVESTMENT: $3600 (split into three payments of $1800, $900 and $900)

Perfect for growing businesses who want a more thorough, compelling and brand-driven website. Includes all of the features from Package 3 plus:


This package includes a total of 6 inside pages and a homepage. Every page on your website is an opportunity to improve your SEO, increase engagement, build brand awareness and trust, and convert leads into sales. *As many additional pages as needed may be added at my standard hourly rate.


With over a billion published websites, it’s important to build yours with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This is one of the most important factors in helping clients find you. I will come up with a list of keywords and phrases relevant to your industry to help lead clients to your site, and incorporate them into your copy and other content. And since articles featuring images get 94% more views than those without images, I will work with you to incorporate relevant images that also improve site design by helping break up text and increase engagement. This package includes me writing up to 800 words. Additional writing is charged at $0.10 / word.


A calendar page keeps clients up-to-date on your workshops, events or performances, and helps increase attendance. This page is offered in addition to the 5 inside pages mentioned above.


In addition to formatting your blog so you can easily manage it on your own, I will also customize up to two blog posts with royalty-free imagery and a beautiful layout. 


A favicon is a tiny extension of your brand- it is the small icon that appears to the left of your site title in browser tabs. I will develop and install a custom favicon to represent your site.


With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and an incredibly powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and engagement. I will add a gallery that displays your Instagram feed directly in your site footer or anywhere else you prefer.


Display as many YouTube videos as you would like on your website, each with a custom thumbnail and caption if desired.


Seamlessly collect email addresses and grow your mailing list directly through your site. This is often best placed in the footer, but may be positioned in another spot if preferred. I will create an account for you if you don’t already have one.


A professional email address that includes your domain name lends credibility to your brand as it is significantly more trusted than a free email address. Think about it- which catering company would you choose to do business with given the following email addresses: or In addition to email, G Suite includes 30 GB of cloud-based storage, video and voice conferencing, calendars, documents, spreadsheets and presentations (similar to Microsoft software), smartphone integration, up to 30 email aliases, 24/7 customer support, industry-leading security measures and administration controls. *Please note: Gmail’s $50 hosting fee is a separate recurring annual charge.



INVESTMENT: $4800 (split into three payments of $2400, $1200 and $1200)

With over 5 years’ experience managing a bustling online store via Shopify, I specialize in product photography and descriptions, organizing and building out back-end order management systems, integrating and branding automated customer communications, processing and fulfilling orders, and managing shipping. I understand the incredible importance of developing proper systems when it comes to e-commerce from the very start. It’s very difficult to migrate hundreds of products, and even more difficult to initiate new systems later in the game. A striking website with beautiful product photography, well-written content and an organized back end will take care of the selling for you. Includes the above features from Packages 3 and 4 plus:


This package includes a total of 10 inside pages plus a beautifully designed dynamic homepage. Ecommerce sites require specialized pages dedicated to terms of use and disclaimers that most other sites do not. Such pages often include Terms & Conditions, Shipping & Return Policy, Privacy & Security Policy, and Wholesale. This is why I’m tacking on an additional 4 pages to make sure your fine print is covered. *As many additional pages as needed may be added at my standard hourly rate.


A payment processor will be connected to your site to seamlessly process credit cards, accept PayPal, and issue refunds on physical goods, digital goods, or services. E-commerce integration also includes inventory tracking, order management system, automated tax and shipping settings, plus discounts and coupon codes.


Choose from flat rate, weight-dependent, and carrier calculated shipping through FedEx, UPS and USPS. I will also create your business accounts with those three carriers.


Your first 15 products are on me! I will upload them with SEO-rich descriptions, appropriate variants and all the proper settings. When it’s your turn, you can simply duplicate a product I’ve already created and make the appropriate edits. *Product photography is available as a package add-on.


Consistency in branding is incredibly important for your business. I will customize your store’s customer-facing email notifications (such as sales receipts and shipping updates) to include your business logo, branding elements, social media links, and contact information.


There is nothing more frustrating than being handed a malfunctioning website. Plenty of my clients have experienced this with other website developers who simply don’t care enough to fix that glitchy feature or broken link. I consider it of the utmost importance to personally test the entire sales process, from start to finish, before handing a website over to a client. A well functioning site is my guarantee!


We will schedule a two hour training session to go over best practices for managing sales in the back end. *Additional training sessions are available at my hourly rate. This may be necessary for larger companies and/or those with multiple locations.


additional website design branding marketing services.png
Further customize your website and branding with these package add-ons. Most services will be charged by the hour. My hourly rate is $60/hour.


  • Photography
  • Social Media Account Setup, Support and Strategy Training
  • Sourcing Stock Photos & Videos
  • General Graphic Design
  • MailChimp Account Setup
  • Retargeting Ad Campaigns



  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Marketing Promo Design
  • Branded Social Media Images
  • Brochure Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Promotional Card Design
  • Catalog Design
  • Newsletter Template Design (through MailChimp)
  • Branded Email Footer Design (through Gmail)
  • General Document Design (client intake forms, invoices, waivers, etc.)
  • Product Packaging Design



  • Automated Abandoned Checkout Emails
  • Announcement Bar
  • Sales and/or Marketing Promo Design
  • Product Packaging Design






While I will continue to help edit, update and troubleshoot your website as your business grows, please note that such support & service is charged at an hourly or package rate, depending on the project. There are plenty of wonderful tutorials and additional customer support options available through your website platform If you would rather try your own hand at site edits down the line. I’m always happy to steer you in the right direction!