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The Affirmation Project: Print 1

The Affirmation Project: Print 1


The Affirmation Project was largely inspired by my mother, a Hurricane Sandy survivor who suffers from PTSD and severe depression. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that there is plenty to live for and aspire to, no matter what is happening in your life. One of the most potent ways to tap into that encouraging mindset is through affirmations and art.

This art came through after an especially difficult conversation with my mother. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, I did the worst thing possible- dug deep into the crowded interweb of accomplished artists and designers for some distraction, questioning myself, my art and my self worth along the way. Doesn’t it often seem like everything has already been done before? That voice in my head kept repeating itself: There’s no room in the world for your art. But then I realized that this was all nonsense, a fearful self-sabotage that would leave me feeling forever stuck if I didn’t convince it of my astounding abilities to create regardless of the outcome. Who cares if it’s been done before?! It hasn’t yet been done by me!

And so I took the rest of the day for some serious self-care, turning up a Louise Hay affirmation recording and sitting down to do nothing but paint. This is what came through. 

I dedicate this series to my ladies the world over- follow your heart and all the dreams that bring you joy even if it seems a million other people have already done that craft / task / artform. None of that matters, because they are not you. Only YOU have YOUR special gift to offer the world!

Besides, isn’t the point of making art self-love through personal expression?? At the end of the day, the likes and shares and heart emojis don’t mean squat.

So here is Print 1 of The Affirmation Project series, ready for you to send to your local print shop and frame, or just pin up with pretty upholstery tacks to your wall. Let it act as a mantra, inspiring self-love and confidence every time you see it.

Part of every sale will go to helping my mother find the therapeutic care she needs. Thank you for your support!

This poster is a great gift to a loved one settling in to a new home or path in life, someone who just graduated, or just needs a little extra love! 

This art has helped me and my mother through hard times, and I hope it can do the same for you and yours.


You will receive a zip file with SIX high resolution (300 dpi) print-ready PDF files for all your framed art needs, to be printed as often as you'd like so you can gift this MANY times AND still enjoy in your home! 

This wall art can be printed up to 11"x14". Other sizes include 8”x10” and 5”x7”.

These instant download files are non-editable.

Just download and save the files to your computer, print your favorite one on card stock (if possible), trim as desired, and voila!

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: You are paying for an original work which may not be sold or redistributed. It is for PERSONAL use only. Thank you for respecting my work and livelihood.