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Bea Rue is a freelance website builder, graphic designer, photographer, writer and marketing consultant with a mission of helping conscious small businesses grow! She's based in the mid Hudson Valley but also works with clients throughout NYC and beyond.

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Too many profit at the expense of others and our planet. I don’t want any part of that.

Recently I began taking inventory of my life, recognizing the shifts I could make to lessen my personal consumption and impact. Since we spend a quarter of our lives working, that was certainly an area demanding attention. So I left retail and began freelancing for small businesses whose higher purpose transcends profit. In this way I can support too-swamped entrepreneurs by building their websites and brands, allowing them to focus on the important work at hand. At the same time, I get to nurture my own entrepreneurial spirit while being creative and building truly meaningful relationships throughout my community. 

IN A NUTSHELL: I was born & raised in the Bronx, studied Communications & Studio Art at NYU, have ventured to 8 different countries, am engaged to one hunky dream of a man, and bake my own wild fermented sourdough bread- the old fashioned way. I'm also very passionate about marketing and design, especially design. 

I consider the details without losing sight of the big picture. I strive to inform, delight and inspire by balancing content with design. I aim to see around corners while staying focused on the moment. I'm self directed but have over a decade of experience successfully working with teams. And while I've surely got bills to pay, I know it's my social responsibility to be selective about where I put my energy.

    That said, if you are an authentic, caring, transparent company or individual working to empower your customers, employees and community, I'd love to collaborate! We don’t live in a vacuum, so why should our work, right?




    Bea is one of the most dedicated and inspired people I know. Her assistance throughout my business growth has been uniquely thorough and care-filled. The fact that Bea works specifically with conscious businesses is a beautiful reflection of her conviction. I recommend Bea to all I know and love who are in need of business support.
    — ELIZABETH GROSS, Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur |

    Bea’s web design skills have been a primary force behind the recent success of my food truck business. She’s also an excellent photographer - my site features a photo shoot she did at one of our private catering events. I regularly recommend her services to other entrepreneurs. She really knows how to navigate the complex world of online business promotion, and helped put my small business on the map! We’re now fielding frequent requests from clients who found us on Google because of Bea’s SEO tactics. In fact, we went from booking 3 events last year to 23 events this year! Every one of those clients found us because of the website she built. Bea has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services for any business!
    — DOUG CULLEN, Owner & Wedding Caterer |

    It has been a joy working with Bea on the creation of my website. From start to finish Bea retained a super savvy and professional demeanor, always willing to go above and beyond my wishes ~ I felt so at ease with Bea’s clear and communicative approach. I wholeheartedly recommend Bea for any and all of her offerings!
    — ANIKA CHOY-KEE, Owner & Pilates Instructor |

    Bea did an excellent job shooting our product photos and providing guidance on the development of our website to achieve greater clarity. She has a good eye for detail and was a delight to work with. We look forward to working with her on future projects.
    — LYNN CALLAWAY, Co-Founder |

    Bea Rue’s work is the yardstick of cool. Her inspired vision can be singled out for the special quality it possesses, not only in her photography but in her design aesthetic, personal and business websites, blog articles, social media savvy and any of her many creative endeavors. (You’ve never seen a prettier, more inspiring Instagram account in your life, btw.) Bea makes you want to be a part of whatever she creates because there is something true, unspoken, and sort of magical present. I have worked with her for over a year which has been an absolute pleasure. She always has an idea, a smile, a word of encouragement or insight. I adore her work AND her, and I hope to continue working with her on many future projects both business and creative in nature!
    — TARA DALTON, Research Administrator |




    Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development  |  2004 - 2008

    Major: Communication Studies • Minor: Studio Art • GPA: 3.82



    Spain Study Abroad Program |  Spring 2007 | GPA: 3.85



    Continuing Education Program: Photoshop Workshop with Dina Pearlman | Spring 2014


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    I have built seven and currently manage eight in total.



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